Why do we need the Kentucky Cancer Foundation?

Kentucky has a cancer problem.Kentucky has both the highest rate of new cancers as well as the highest death rate for all cancers combined in the U.S.

  • Of all Kentucky cancer deaths from 2005-2009, 52 percent were from lung, breast, cervical, and colon cancers.
  • All of these cancers have evidence-based prevention or early detection strategies.

Since Kentucky does not invest enough in cancer prevention and early detection, we spend a lot of money on cancer treatment and related costs.

  • In 2010, cancer care in Kentucky cost approximately $2,228,000,000.
  • In 2020, it is estimated to increase by 69%, to an expenditure of approximately $3,775,000,000.

There are insufficient federal, state, or local funds to fully provide even the most basic cancer prevention and early detection strategies that allow for prevention and detection of cancer at its earliest, treatable, and most beatable states.

We want to transform Kentucky from the leader in cancer deaths to the leader in cancer prevention and early detection.

What is the Kentucky Cancer Foundation?

The Kentucky Cancer Foundation was created to reduce the burden of cancer in Kentucky by funding evidence-based prevention and early detection services for the uninsured and under-insured.

Mission: ensure all Kentuckians at risk or in need will have access to life saving preventative and early detection cancer services, regardless of their financial ability to pay.

What does the Kentucky Cancer Foundation do?

The Foundation raises private funds that are matched dollar for dollar by the state of Kentucky to increase the volume of proven prevention and early detection services.

The money raised is used by both public and private organizations throughout the state of Kentucky that are working collaboratively to impact cancer prevention and control.

We enable citizens and organizations to save the lives of Kentuckians by investing cancer prevention services for those who need them but otherwise could not obtain them.

We are closing the gap in cancer prevention through a one-of-a-kind public/private partnership.


Kentucky Cancer Foundation is directed by a volunteer board that includes leaders from business, government, healthcare, education and families all over the Commonwealth.

Board of Directors:

Henry Altman
Kevin Atkins
Dr. Philip Bale
Lyle Hanna
Ian Henderson
Ellen Hesen
Dr. Dan Kenady
Crit Luallen
Dr. Whitney Jones
Laura Owens
Dr. Jennifer Redmond
Alice Sparks
Dr. David Stevens
Dr. Stephen Wyatt
Mark Milburn

Jack Hillard, Executive Director