Kentucky Cancer Foundation in the News

Gov. Beshear, Kentucky Cancer Foundation Announce Progress of Partnership to Tackle Cancer in Kentucky
State officials say progress made in effort to screen the uninsured; colon cancer screenings providing preventive care
Kentucky Cancer Foundation Receives Colon Screening Grant from KentuckyOne Health
KentuckyOne Health, the largest health system in the Commonwealth, announced a $100,000 gift to the Kentucky Cancer Foundation to support colon cancer screenings for low income, uninsured KentuckiansGov. Beshear Announces New Public-Private Partnership to Battle Cancer in Kentucky

Kentucky Cancer Resources

Kentucky Cancer Consortium
The Consortium is a statewide partnership of diverse organizations united to reduce the burden of cancer in Kentucky. Pooling information, ideas, skills and strategies, this partnership of organizations develops and implements cancer control initiatives that will decrease the suffering and deaths due to cancer for all Kentuckians.

The Consortium provides a common forum for like-minded organizations to take collective action. Through group consensus at committee meetings and biannual statewide KCC summits, the Consortium determines common priorities, prevents overlap, maximizes resources, and evaluates impact. Its priorities are guided by the state’s Cancer Action Plan, a comprehensive blueprint for reducing cancer in Kentucky.

Kentucky Cancer Action 
The Kentucky Cancer Action Plan (CAP) is the state’s comprehensive cancer control plan to reduce our burden of cancer. The Kentucky Cancer Consortium is charged with implementing the CAP. The Plan is a blueprint for action that addresses four key areas of the cancer continuum: prevention, early detection, treatment and care, and quality of life. Each section contains major goals, objectives, and suggested strategies.

Kentucky Resource Plan
Kentucky Resource One-Page Summary 
The Resource Plan seeks to identify the Kentucky Cancer Consortium’s existing resources, as well as resource gaps, in regards to implementation of the Kentucky Cancer Action Plan. The Resource Plan, outlines current monetary and non-monetary resources available to the Consortium and identify strategies for getting and maintaining the resources still needed to fully implement the Kentucky Cancer Action Plan.

Why is having a resource plan for the Cancer Action Plan important?

  • Implementing Kentucky’s Cancer Action plan more than likely will take many more resources than we (all Consortium members) have currently.
  • A resource plan for Cancer Action Plan implementation will help us know what and where the resource gaps are.
  • A resource plan and budget will prepare us for planned and unexpected opportunities to request and get resources.
  • A resource plan enables us to plan ahead and focus on long-term sustainability for the Consortium’s priorities.
  • A resource plan helps set realistic expectations about what can and cannot be done with resources we have and the resources acquired

Kentucky Colon Cancer Screening Program
The Kentucky Colon Cancer Screening Program (KCCSP) is a population-based, public health initiative consisting of a network of state, regional and local health professionals whose mission is to reduce new cases of colon cancer as well as the disability and death associated with colon cancer.

Colon Cancer Prevention Project
The Colon Cancer Prevention Project’s mission is to eliminate preventable colon cancer death and suffering by increasing screening rates through education, advocacy, health systems improvement, and survivor support.